Анимэ. Mabinogi: Nao

Фигурка Mabinogi: Nao (1/7)

Анимэ. Mabinogi: Nao

Цена: 5,680.00 р.

Анимэ. Mabinogi: Nao

Высота: приблизительно 26см

DOB: 6/13
Blood TYpe: B
Height: 153cm
Weight: 40kg
Vital Stat: B/W/H-79/56/76
Child: Julia

A 14 year old schoolgirl delinquent who is also a HIME. She hates men and will flirt with them, only to rob when invited into their homes with the help of her child.

She becomes an antagonist towards the other HIME after she is mistakenly accused of attacking Yukariko and loses an eye from the retaliation of the other HIME.

Her element takes the form of claws that can create glowing «threads» which are strong enough to cut steel. Her child Julia is a giant spider with the upper body of a human and attacks with its webs and jaws.

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