Nike ONE Concept car

The Nike ONE is a hypothetical high-performance vehicle/concept car that was developed by Nike and Polyphony Digital. This vehicle is featured in the Gran Turismo 4 video game for the Sony PlayStation 2.

Nike ONE Concept car

The concept car utilizes fictional technology in addition to Nike technology that exists in their current products such as Nike Shox technology for the seat suspension. The vehicle features various forms of heads-up displays.

The car is controlled by a series of non-invasive bioports on the driver’s hands and is transceived in the vehicle’s central processing unit. Nike says that the vehicle «contributes to the overall feeling of connectivity.»

The Nike ONE uses a unique kind of energy source called the HEP Drive (Human Energy Potential), which utilizes the energy collected by the Nike Spark Suit and stores it in batteries in the footwear of the driver. This bio-electricity is then used to power the electric hub-less micromotors located in the wheels of the Nike ONE. This kind of drive is intended for use by athletes to train muscles and improve the cardiovascular system using pain-training-style methods.

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