Magpul Ronin 1125R by Ronin Motorworks.


The original Magpul Ronin was an experimental concept motorcycle born of a Magpul Industries Corp. design exercise. Taken from the Japanese word for a samurai who no longer has a master, the name “Ronin” was chosen after the Buell Motorcycle Company ceased production and closed its doors in 2009. The model 1125R was selected due to its high level of performance and aesthetic potential, both of which were never fully realized in the motorcycle’s original form.

After Magpul unveiled the original experimental prototype in 2010, Denver-based Ronin Motorworks, a wholly independent business and legal entity, was formed to investigate the possibility of manufacturing a production version of the concept bike. Ronin Motorworks hired a staff of designers and engineers from the motorcycling industry and spent the next year and a half evaluating the initial Magpul design and reengineering every facet and component of the bike from scratch using the original prototype as inspiration. In early 2012, design of the new motorcycle was completed, and the bike was authorized for licensed sale under the Magpul name. At that time, the decision was made to move forward with a limited-production run using new Buell 1125 chassis that had been kept in inventory.

Limited to a production run of 47 Ronin motorcycles, each hand-built bike will be issued a name — in lieu of a serial number — that corresponds with each of the 47 Ronin of ancient Japanese lore. An initial release of 10 bikes in the original silver and black trim will start at $38,000. There will be multiple incarnations in the line at price points corresponding with their finish and features.

Release of the Ronin models will begin in mid-2013 and will occur in stages until the 47th Ronin leaves the workshop, at which time production will cease.

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