John F. Kennedy Space Center

Until July 2011 Kennedy Space Center is the place to launch the ships ‘Space Shuttle’ re using a complex number 39 with the infrastructure program «Apollo». The first was the launch vehicle «Columbia» April 12, 1981. Center — it’s also a place to land the shuttle orbit — there is a runway length of 4.6 km. However, the first landing «Shuttle», returning after their missions, at the Kennedy Center was not until February 11, 1984, when the «Challenger» completed the mission STS-41B; the first landing place until the time was Edwards Air Force Base in California. By September 1988 it was carried out 25 flights with a large gap between 28 January 1986 and 29 September 1988, after the collapse of the «Challenger» (which was the first shuttle launched from pad 39B).

In September 2004, part of the Kennedy Space Center were damaged by Hurricane Frances. Vehicle Assembly Building lost thousands outer panels about the size of 1,2 × 3.0 m each. This endangered elements of the building area of ​​3,700 square meters. Destruction got areas to the south and east of the building. The roof was partially torn off and inside was extensively damaged by water. Production of coating is likely to be postponed [clarify] in Palmdale, California, spare production capacity.

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