HPI Baja 5SC SS Truck Kit

Manufacturer: HPI

Part Number: 105735

Engine Size: 26cc

Scale: 1:5

Drive: 2WD

Surface Type: Off-Road
Assembly Type: Un-Assembled (Kit)
Vehicle: Short Course

BUILD the Ultimate 1/5 scale Baja — the Baja 5SC SS!

The exciting Baja 5SC SS gets the SS treatment! HPI is proud to announce the latest addition to the Baja line-up, the Baja 5SC SS. Like the rest of the SS line, the Baja 5SC SS comes as an unassembled kit that you get to build from the ground up. But we don’t stop there; the Baja 5SC SS is equipped with all of the high performance goods in the box, right down to a clear SC-1 body that you can paint just the way you want for a truly custom truck. The powerplant has been upgraded to the high performance Fuelie 26s engine, coupled to the optional aluminum tuned pipe with steel header. Combined with the 8,000 RPM clutch, the Baja 5SC SS has some serious grunt to help it propel to speeds in excess of 40MPH!

The Fuelie 26S CC engine is a powerful 2.9HP engine which revs out at 15,000rpm max, features a 12.7mm carburetor and aluminum construction.

All-new extra-thick 9mm dogbones are the starting point of the 5SC drivetrain upgrade — these are new, thicker and stronger to outlast the roughest rides and racing action you can find! New wider rubber boots are included to keep the dirt and mud away. Getting the power from the diff gears to the new dogbones is a wider diff shaft that perfectly fits the increased diameter of the dogbones.
Unique in the world of large-scale racing, the HPI Viscous Torque Differential gets the power to the rear wheels as smooth as silk. It’s easy to tune with optional diff oils and is fully fitted with hardened metal gears and an alloy case. From the input shaft and idler gear to the alloy-encased differential, every gear inside the sturdy Baja 5SC SS transmission is made from long-life alloy to keep your truck running all day long with minimal maintenance.

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