1999 Plymouth Prowler


3.5 Liter V6

-body style



-interior color
-exterior color
Prowler Red

So you’ve decided you deserve a new toy and you’ve begun the search for a cool car. But not just any cool car, something that’s special, something that’ll turn heads, and something that makes you smile every time you hit Main Street. A classic would certainly fit the bill, but you want a rig that’s going to contribute to your well-being instead of stressing you out over parking lots and acting like an angry teenager when it gets cold. How about this low-mileage Plymouth Prowler? With a modern 3.5 liter V6, it’s every bit as powerful as it is reliable. With a plush leather interior, it’s a good travel companion to ANY destination. With its slick red body, it’ll turn heads day and night. And with its accessory trailer, you can drive your roadster and haul things too! If you’re looking for a fun cruiser that’ll provide years of good times and virtually guaranteed collectability, this cat’s got it all!

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