Уникальная и просто красивая монета: 2003 1 oz Gold South African Natura (Lion).

In 2003 the South African Mint struck a special Limited Issue Natura Lion solid 24 carat Gold Proof 100 Rand Coin weighing one ounce of fine gold and is part of the Wild Cats of Africa series.

Уникальная и просто красивая монета: 2003 1 oz Gold South African Natura (Lion).

Male Lions reach their prime at five years of age, at which point their lifes purpose comes into play: to fight for territory and to procreate.

If a male is powerful enough on his own, or if he is part of a powerful coalition of males, as he reaches adulthood he will try to kill or expel the dominant male or males of an existing pride. The prime years for males are short lived. At eight years of age they are already losing weight and mane hair and it is at this stage that the prideлs patriarch will probably be ousted. Most male lions retain dominance over a pride for only two years, while they live for about twelve. Females live for ten to fifteen years.

The reverse of the 1oz Natura coin features a majestic male lion in the prime of his reign.

The obverse is a portrait of a dominant male and a dominant female. The coin with its classic features depicts the royalty of the African Lion.

These legal tender coins have been struck to proof quality using specially prepared dies and highly polished blanks. There is a couple of small tone spots.
Year of issue 2003
Denomination 100 One Hundred Rand
Total Weight 31.107 Grams
Diameter 32.69 mm
Metal/alloy Gold
Carat/equivalent Solid 24 Carat Gold
Finish Proof
Issue Limits 430 Worldwide
Presentation Slabbed
Minted by South African Mint

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